Outstanding pipeline protection.

Every day, millions of gallons of petroleum based commodities are transported throughout California delivering the products we rely on to fuel our world. Ensuring the safe handling of these products is vital to protecting our homes, schools, and businesses, as well as our environment. World Oil Terminals is committed to safeguarding our communities and our environment. We design, install, inspect, operate, and maintain our storage facilities and logistical assets to meet and exceed regulatory standards and thoroughly train all employees to maintain system integrity. We also adhere to stringent Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) policies at all of our facilities. All employees and contractors must follow these policies and take any precautions necessary to protect both themselves and their colleagues. Safety is our top priority.

One of our World Oil Terminals sits on the main channel in the Port of Long Beach, which is home to nearly half of California’s oil refineries. With a storage capacity of 460,000 barrels, both World Oil Refinery and other petroleum customers use our facility to safely store and ship crude oil and other refined products thru a network of 3rd party owned pipelines. In addition, the World Oil Terminals operates a rail facility in the exclusively industrial city of Vernon, California. Served by both Union Pacific® and Burlington Northern Santa Fe®, the rail facility is uniquely qualified to conduct a variety of services including rail to truck and truck to rail transloading of combustible, flammable, and waste liquids. The facility is also one of the only railcar degasing and cleaning sites in California.


"We are committed to ensuring that our pipelines are operating to the very highest standard, each and every day. We’re proud to partner with our community so that everyone is doing their part to uphold safety."
– John Dougherty, Operations Manager,
World Oil Terminals – Long Beach