Get reliable, high-quality fuel.

World Oil started with Bernie Roth’s first gas station on Florence and Normandie, in Los Angeles, California, back in 1938. Today, World Oil owns 40 gas stations throughout California under the World Oil, Conoco and Shell brands. We carry on Bernie's vision of selling high quality gasoline to our customers at a lower cost. We also bring them convenience to pruchase whatever they need while they're filling up, so they can get right back on the road. And soon, we will lead the way,  once again, by offering our customers renewable sources of fuel. We believe doing right is good for business.

We maintain stringent Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) policies at all of our facilities. All employees and contractors must follow these policies and take any precautions necessary to protect both themselves and their colleagues. Safety is our top priority.

World Oil

"With locations all over California, we’re committed to bringing a high-quality product to our customers every time they come to fill their tank."
- Matthew Pakkala, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, World Oil Corp.