Reclaim, reprocess, recycle.

We believe recycling is one of the best ways to create a cleaner world and protect our natural resources. World Oil Recycling is California’s leading recycler of used motor oil and antifreeze. With over 40 years of environmental service and as the largest environmental business of our kind in the western United States, we provide vital end-to-end recycling solutions—recovering, reclaiming, processing and disposing of hazardous and contaminated waste streams including waste oil, oily water and used antifreeze.

We are leading the way in conservation and sustainability by converting oil-based waste into diesel fuel and asphalt flux, and recycling used anti-freeze for conversion into new antifreeze. Our wastewater treatment standards meet and exceed the requirements set forth by the Los Angeles County Sanitation District and we were recognized as one of Compton’s Best Green Businesses in 2014. And we are currently expanding our services beyond California, into AZ, NV and NM.

DeMenno-Kerdoon is now World Oil Recycling

Trinity Antifreeze is now World Oil Antifreeze

We provide an end-to-end recycling solution for a variety of hazardous waste materials including used motor oil, oil filters, and antifreeze, oily-waste water, gasoline waste, and more. Learn more about how we recycle.

Ready to start the recycling process or find your local certified used oil center? We’re here to help.