eManifest Information

Small Generator Determination for Consolidated Manifests

What is eManifest?
The Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest Establishment Act authorizes EPA to establish a national “cradle to grave” hazardous waste tracking system.

Beginning June 30th 2018, the EPA is launching the e-Manifest system. World Oil is here to help our customers make the transition to the new system as seamless as possible.

Paper Manifest
All waste handlers may continue to use and sign a Paper Manifest (current process). Note: EPA is requiring that a new 5-part form be used after June 30th. World Oil will continue to accept 6-part Manifests to help use the current supply of forms and save our customers money.

See below for our customer information and educational links. You can also find your account representative in the Account Management Contacts link below or by emailing your questions to us at eManifest@worldoilcorp.com

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EPA’s Facts
EPA Facts for Transporters
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Small Generator Determination for Consolidated Manifests

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As a Reminder
The following EPA mandated pricing is in effect beginning on June 30th. This pricing is subject to change based on EPA regulations. We will post any updates to our website as soon as possible.

Pricing Information:
As all companies are learning more about emanifest and required EPA pricing, we are providing updates to our customers.

As of 6/30:

  • Each manifest that terminates at a World Oil facility (other than World Oil Recycling) will be billed at $10.00 per manifest
  • Each manifest that terminates at the DK facility will be billed at $15.00 per manifest (Starts August 1st)
  • For waste that goes to a non World Oil location, WOES will pass thru applicable manifest fees

These fees are inclusive of the EPA pass-through charge to all TSDFs for terminated manifests as well as the administrative charges related to setting up and running the government mandated eManifest program.

Currently, EPA’s electronic system is not able to accept software that would allow transporters and TSDFs to easily interact with the e-Manifest system.  World Oil Corp.’s IT Department is working with EPA to resolve this matter.   In the interim, World Oil Environmental Services (Transporter) will remain on paper manifests and World Oil Companies will continue to accept and utilize paper manifests while transitioning to the e-Manifest System. When full eManifest capabilities are ready we will update the pricing schedule to reflect full eManifest capabilities.  Until eManifest is fully available, the pricing will remain as reflected above. This pricing is subject to change based on updates from the EPA.

Background on eManifest Pricing
When the EPA designed and announced the regulations for eManifest, the intent was to pass all charges to the TSDF facilities with the specific thought that they would then pass these charges to the individual Generators.  EPA stated that they preferred to deal with the smaller number of TSDF facilities versus billing the much larger generator community. While we are sensitive to the costs associated with this new program, we are approaching this from a revenue neutral standpoint.  Our goal at World Oil Corporation is to move to full "e" capability as soon as possible.  Based on feedback from the EPA, we do not envision this happening until early 2019.  We will keep our customers informed as we learn more information.

Scheduling Services
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